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Posted : Jul 04, 2019

13 - 14 September 2017; USNS Fall River arrived at Tanjung Wangi harbor, Banyuwangi. Their arrival were purposed to pick up United States Marines Corps (USMC) soldiers who have been involved in joint war exercises at Baluran Marine Corps Training Center, Karengtekok, Situbondo, East Java.

USNS Fall River is the fourth Spearhead-class expeditionary fast transport, which is part of the United States Military Sealift Command (MSC). Fall River was built by Austal USA in Mobile, Alabama.

Until now, nine Spearhead class units have been launched, including the USNS Fall River, and there are still three more ships that are under construction. Before getting Expeditionary Fast Transport (EPT) label, the fleet of futurous transports had a Joint High Speed Vessel (JHSV) label.

Indonesia has been following C.A.R.A.T practice since 1995. After more than two decades of annual implementation, C.A.R.A.T Indonesia continues to be an example of growing collaboration in the level of complexity and allows the two navies to perfect operations and tactics in dealing with traditional and non-traditional threats sea security.

C.A.R.A.T Indonesia is part of a broader bilateral training series held by the US Navy with nine naval partners in South and Southeast Asia to face joint security priorities in the maritime field, strengthen maritime cooperation and increase the power of interoperability among trainees.