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Posted : Jul 08, 2019

02 - 05 October 2018; Poland’s largest tall ship Dar Młodzieźy sailed around the world Independence Voyage to celebrate 100th anniversary of Poland’s Independence Restauration

Dar Młodziezy is the first Polish-made ship to successfully complete a trip around the world (1987-88). The ship has technical specifications, namely a total length of 108.8 meters, a screen mast height of 49.5 m, with a sail speed of 19.5 knots. The ship belong to Gdynia Maritime University and use as a training ship.

The ship was launched in November 1981 at the Gdańsk shipyard, Poland and commissioned for service in July 1982 at Gdynia, thus replacing her forerunner Dar Pomorza

On this voyage, called the Independence Cruise, more than 1.000 maritime / cadet students and volunteers, divided into 6 groups, will work on Dar Młodzieźy under the command of Captain Ireneusz Lewandowski